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Having a longer hair in a shorter time? If your mom or grandma says it is impossible to happen, tell them that they have to say hello to the methods of hair extensions available today. Only within hours, you can get longer hair that can be temporary or permanent. Although that is not your hair, the extension looks very natural and fabulous in style with the right choice of the extended hair. Yes, you have basically two options of hair to extend the length of yours. It can be the synthetic or natural one that comes from human’s hair. Of course human’s hair provides you with better texture and appearance compared to the synthetic and therefore, you will be willing to get it no matter how much the cost is. The question is, is any type of human’s hair do well for your hair extension?

No, it is not. Just like your hair that is different from your sister’s, human’s hair for extensions is not the same either. Among types of hair mostly used by people for hair extensions, virgin Brazilian hair is one of the best. The term virgin here refers to the hair that has not been exposed to ANY chemicals or processed in any way to make it shinier or denser. Brazilian hair is as beautiful as the women, you have to believe that.

Naturally light brown to black-banner-2

The thing you may adore from Brazilian women is probably the black hair—and that will be great to have it in your hair, too. Virgin Brazilian hair is usually light brown to black with medium shine, making it easy to blend with the hair of other races from Caucasia to Africa America. Definitely you can dye the hair after wear it as an extension, but you may lose the natural beauty of the hair which is so unfortunate.

Famous for its texture

You can find Brazilian hair in curly, wavy or straight, but you can only see one adorable texture of with some characteristics: soft, dense, and durable. And just like the color, this typical texture is the easiest to blend with other hair textures of different races. You know what? Brazilian hair is perfect for you who want to have a full look of hair due to its density. Instead of wearing many bundles of it, some is enough since less is more for this type of hair.

Less frizz

It is interesting to know that hair extension can be frizzy as well, just like your hair. Fortunately, Brazilian hair does not have this problem due to its density. No more annoyance with frizzy hair in the morning here and there. However, the less frizz in the hair should not lessen your care of the extension. Still, you have to go to the salon to get hair treatment and maintenance from a professional to keep the durability.


Easy to style

You have already been stylish with your hair extension but there is nothing wrong if you want to look far more fabulous. Why don’t you curl your ‘new’ hair! For your information, Brazilian hair is awesome for hair styling, particularly curl. Compared to Indian or Malaysian hair, Brazilian holds curl longer that makes it versatile and totally amazing. Dense and curl, you look attractive with the hair.

See, Hair Extensions should be taken as the main option for keep your hair looking gorgeous! What you need to note is since it has tighter curl in comparison to Indian hair, it will be hard for you to flat iron your Brazilian hair extension.

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