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Take Good Care of Your Brazilian Hair Extensions

Feeling bored with your short hair? Well, probably it is the time to change your hairstyle from simple look to a more feminine with long and shiny hair. This is interesting but it will take too long time before my hair grows longer, you think. Good news for you that hair extensions with various methods of application and hair types are available out there. You just need to use the best technique to attach the hair and also the right hair extensions to be applied for instance virgin Brazilian hair. Famous for its texture, density and durability, it is easy for you to find Brazilian hair for sale 3 bundles which is the right number of pieces you need to get beautiful and natural look of extensions. Do not even ask where to get the bundles as they can be easily found both in local or online hair stores. Just pay attention to the seller, varieties, price and customer’s reviews to avoid regret about purchasing low quality Brazilian hair extensions.

Now when you have had the virgin Brazilian hair, it is the time for you to learn about the right maintenance to keep it smooth and silky. The question is, why is it important? Although virgin Brazilian hair is made of 100% human hair but still it does not belong to you, it is extensions. If you carelessly treat it, the hair extensions will not last long and it is very possible for you to have hair damage. Of course it is something you never expect to happen. Let’s see how to take good care of your Brazilian hair extensions.


Start with the right installation method

Believe it or not, the good care of your Brazilian hair extensions starts from the right method of installation. It does not only deal with the natural look of the hair but also the durability; right installation leads to hair shedding prevention. You may be able to do it yourself yet visiting a professional stylist will be a lot better idea. A professional has a particular way or method to apply the hair extension correctly so it looks adorable in your own hair and soft to touch. Do not mind to spend a little more money to get the service, it is worth it.

Clean the hair properly

Get the hair extensions installed well by a professional? Then know how to clean it. When you wear Brazilian hair extensions, or other types of extensions actually, you have to clean it thoroughly from your own hair, scalp and the extensions. Use only mild shampoo to clean the scalp and the hair twice a week, work on it slowly so the extensions do not tangle. Applying light-based conditioner after hair wash is highly recommended as well to keep the hair extensions smooth and silky. Ideally deep conditioning should be done every month but in case you apply chemicals to the virgin Brazilian hair, do the treatment every two weeks.


Do not heat it!

Heat is the biggest enemy for hair extensions as it will cut down the life span of the hair. Suppose you want to style your hair, use as moderate heat as possible. To avoid hair and hair extensions damage, spray a heat protector to the hair before using a wand or straightener. While for the styling products, use only alcohol-free ones. One more thing, do not forget to slowly and gently brush your hair with a comb before any styling to avoid tangle in hair extensions as it may hurt your hair. Complicated? No, it is not since having beautiful hair needs effort.


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